As specialists in the food sector, our marketing team provides you with its comprehensive command of marketing in points of sale, specialised media and sector events in order to:
– Increase awareness of your company and your brands
– Enhance the visibility of products in stores
– Create consumer preference

Marketing studies and competition intelligence gathering
We conduct a downstream diagnostic and constantly monitor your markets and offerings through:
- Quantitative and qualitative studies
- Databases via the market's most reliable sources
Consulting and support in marketing development
After the study phase, we provide recommendations suited to your strategy, in particular through:
- An audit and analysis of your requirements
- The development of your marketing strategy: positioning, targets, product stories, etc.
- The development of your brand identity
Innovation consulting
We monitor and analyse the latest developments and new trends to:
- Identify your innovation levers and anticipate market opportunities
- Define your innovation strategy
Production of multimedia marketing campaigns
Our marketing structure is on hand to:
- Create your campaigns across all media: newsletters, mailings, press releases, social networks, websites, point-of-sale advertising, phoning, etc.
- Monitor and analyse feedback using Customer Relationship Management software
- Manage reminders
- Translate documents
Trade shows/Sales stimulation
We provide a presence in France and Europe through:
- Representation at trade shows
- Sales stimulation and the showcasing of your products
Events/Press and public relations
We provide effective support for your marketing actions through:
- The creation of events that tie in with the communication strategy adopted
- Databases of journalists, influencers, and bloggers
- Public/press relations work through press packs and adapted statements
Les Menus du Monde is committed to finding and managing partnerships that are right for your company (potential co-branding).


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  • Competitive intelligence
  • Relevant strategic recommendations
  • A team constantly seeking out innovation
  • A network of journalists