As a specialist in the import and distribution of food products for the French and European markets, Les Menus du Monde can give you the benefit of its 20 years of experience in logistics management. Our know-how encompasses multi-temperature management (from dried to frozen foods), multiple distribution channels (supermarkets, delicatessens, food service suppliers) and deliveries ranging from packages to containers.

Supply chain optimisation
We deliver a consistent supply chain performance for:
- Consulting and studies
- Management of stock and upstream flows
- Receipt and handling of client orders (EDI, web, fax, etc.) downstream
- Preparation, inspection and dispatch of orders
- Transportation, delivery and traceability of dispatches for all types of packaging
Management of Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI)
This is an interface between the manufacturer and the retailer for implementation, processing and monitoring through:
- Receipt of orders
- Preparation and shipping orders
- Billing
Sales Administration
Focus is placed on the client relationship through:
- Real-time monitoring of activity, reporting and service rates
- Billing and dispute management
- Monitoring of and feedback from promotional actions
Management of relations between manufacturers and retailers
Les Menus du Monde serves as the central point for both parties' information.
We provide with useful documentation to ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration.


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  • Extensive experience in logistics management
  • European geographical coverage
  • A proactive stance: logistics optimisation
  • Shipping, from packages to containers, and multi-temperature
  • An effective, responsive and attentive sales administration team
  • Adaptability of processes and geographical establishments