As experts in food mass-market retailing and food service, Les Menus du Monde helps you define your sales strategy and implement your action plan in order to:
– Negotiate under optimal conditions with central buying offices and the main purchasers
– Launch your products in key retail chains
– Boost your sales performances

Commercial diagnostic
We offer you a comprehensive audit of your brand, its market, its competitors and your sales tools and methods before considering the right action plan in order to:
- Identify your primary areas for growth and the key success factors
- Identify the right differentiation tools
- Make the right choice between a Private Label or a National Brand
Implementation of the sales strategy
Comprehensive planning is carried out together to define your short, medium and long-term objectives on the French and European markets, and in particular to:
- Define your brand's positioning and the marketing mix of your product(s)
- Segment your customer base and identify the appropriate distribution channels
- Calculate your projected budget in order to deploy an effective action plan
Operational development of the sales network
Field work is carried out hand in hand with our teams, in order to:
- Implement a backup, dynamic sales force that specialises in your product field
- Initiate the listing of your products with central buying offices and the main purchasers
- Orchestrate your success on store shelves through merchandising and effective placement
- Manage your calls for tenders
Customer relationship management
Personalised monitoring of each client account is carried out, and optimised through the use of the best management tools and CRM software, in order to:
- Manage the information associated with each client or prospect
- Conduct effective direct marketing campaigns (canvassing, reminders and retention)
- Produce regular reports to assess and optimise your performances in real time
Sales monitoring
Results analysis and real-time monitoring of:
- Your performance (online statistics)
- Your targets: results assessment based on targets set at the beginning
- Your sales activity: activity dashboards (visits, reminders, offers, etc.)


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  • Key contacts in all mass-market retail chains in France and Europe
  • Multichannel distribution (mass-market retailing, food service, delicatessens, etc.)
  • National brands and private labels
  • Multi-temperature: ambiant, fresh and frozen